Heart of ClayMature

You could say Claire Omo is the unluckiest girl on the planet... Or you could say Fate has something special planned for her.
Bombarded by tragedy, one after another, Clair doesn't know who she is, and if her life is worth living.
As she struggles, she faces doubt and fear. Will she come out okay?

The rain beat down upon my head as I walked towards the city, sloshing through puddles and soaking my socks. My blond hair clung to my face and neck. Being only three in the afternoon, it was incredibly dark due to the intense storm overhead.

The sky flashed and thunder rumbled in the distance as wind howled, whipping me and stinging me.

As I walked downtown, I felt invisible. No one paid me any attention; no disgusted sneers or dirty looks from anyone, despite my ragged and possibly horrifying appearance. I was in awe of, and slightly disgusted by the way these people were oblivious to a point of uncaring.

Since it was raining, my emotions decided, against my will, to release all of my anger, frustration, and depression out onto my face and down my cheeks, dripping off my nose and chin, blending smoothly with the rain.

In the rain, no one could tell the difference between the cool drops of liquid and tears of loneliness.

The End

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