Disater strucks

Noveber 25 2010

I don't know how i would live again. After what happened. The screams and sight of  what happened would always be in my mind. My dreams. I told him to run. I did. He just couldn't get away so quick. My heart was beating. Crying for the one i love. The one i lost.

It was just a date that turned out as a disater. Keith took me  to the cinema to watch the movie 'Alice in wonderland'. What  i didn't know that he was going to take me to show to his what he calls a Gang. The gang seems nice. Nice than the other ones. The ones with the gun.

His gang was just showing me around their  block. Suddenly there was a gun fire i looked round. There was keith. Blood all over his white t-shirt. Stained in dark red liquid.

" Just run!" He yelled at me.

I had to. I had to run.  Dad was waiting at home. Waiting for the sound of a taxi. But there was none. Just a phone call. Me saying i be home. We just talked. dad was angry at first but he just took in all i said. He understood. For he knows all  about love loss.

The End

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