Heart loss

This story is about me. Melissa Brown a 15 year old girl. I had lost so much. my mum, My brother. Now iam in a age where i found romance which ends in wrecks. How will i cope?

It was the 15th December 1999. My mum was  rushed to  hospital. Pregenent. This was what you could say an exciting time for me. For I was going to get a new brother/ sister. But i wasn't expecting  what was about to happen.

My dad was at home with me and my older sister Lucy. Mum has been ill for a few years. Ever since i was born. We were so scared. For the doctors has warned my mum if she had a baby there was a high chance that she would die. Dad was watching out of our window. Praying that a sound of a taxi would turn up. but that wasn't the case. Just a phone call.

October 15th 2010

School was today. I just can't believe that the popular boy in the class asked me out. I would of suspected him to ask Tia Ford. The popular and prettiest girl in my year. Not me Melissa Brown the nerd. It was a true honour. You should of seen Tia's face. Green with envy. It's amazing that if you are in a relationship with the popular people, people would want to know you. It's good but I don't really want all that. I am a bit what you could say unsociobal. I rather keep myself with myself. is there a problem with that?

I knew from the start. Since i started high school that he had a thing for me. He always talked to me. Well not in front of his friends for he would look seriously uncool. For i am not a cool person. the sort who would play about. i just want to get on. People would thought that sort of thing is geeky. getting on with work. But it's not!

November 15th 2010

My boyfriend Keith asked if i would like to go to a date with him. i said yes. It's cool isn't it. Any way i know him now. I can trust him. I just don't know how to tell dad. Dad has never liked the family. Thugs he calls them. Why can't dad just see the good in the family? It's not Keiths thought his dad is in prison. Keiths not the one who steals for the fun of it.

But i decided i am not going to tell dad. Just creap out when my dad and sister is in bed no one would suspect me gone.  I wonder where he would take me?


The End

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