"you only know, what i want you to..."  the song played softly out of the car stereo. jacob focused on breathing while the taxi drove along the long london road, jacob traced the rain falling onto the window and it slid away on to the road below him.   jacob looked over the chubby shoulder of the cab driver and saw that despite the dark sky's, it was only half past five.  he sat back and sighed softly, the cabbie turned and looked at his pale faced passanger, "you alright back there mate?" his low voice called out, he was irish by the sound of it, jacob guessed. "yeah thanks, just, long day" the cabbie leaned forward and turned the radio off just as the guitar's began to fade away, jacob smiled.

A few minutes later they pulled up outside a small house at the end of a row of council house's. jacob stepped out lightly, in paid his fare and walked up the gravle path to the red door, the lights were low, but inside jacob could see a screen playing an old movie. breathing in he reached forward and rang the bell, he heard it go off inside the house, and a few seconds later a small shadow can though the glass panel of the door,  they unlocked it and pulled it back slowly, jasmin stood there, in a pair of sweat pants and an old shirt jacob saw was one he'd left behind a few weeks ago, he smiled at this. he embraced her softly and she wisperd into his ear "you need a shave", jabbing her gently in the rips as he pulled away he teased back "and you need a shower",  she stuck her toungue out at this and stepped back to let him in.  stepping into the hallway, he held her hand and walked with her into the lounge, the movie was still playing, and two men were now fighting with swords, jacob let jasmin guid him down onto the sofa next to him. she reached down beside the sofa, and from a cool box grabbed them both a can of cola,   she pressed them to his ears and he tickled her back, her squels and his luaghter made her father come in from the kitchen.

 with a knife in one hand and a kitchen towl in the other, he smiled at his duaghter but his eyes met jacobs and his eyes turned to pure hate "hello again jacob" he said coldly, "he's just come round to hang out dad, dont worry". he turned back to jacob, "she's right" he confirmed,  seeming to accept that, besides killing the bastard, he had no way of getting the giant teen out of his huose, he went back to cleaning the kitchen.

jasmin turned back to jacob and smile awkwardly, "sorry" she mutterd, jacob chuckled hoarsly, he needed that coke, he open the can and took a gulp. then, just as jasmin began to say something he cut in, "i have to tell you something", she seemed a bit taken aback by the sudden change in the way jacob seemed, she knew it was importent "of course jabba, go ahead" she said back with a smile.  he tried to look into her eyes when he spoke, but found he couldn't do both, so he looked at the t.v and spoke softly  "i love you. i've loved you since the second i met you, and i always will" now the world were starting to flow he looked right at her and held her hands in his "your my world, i go to sleep thinking of you, and wake up the same way. please tell me you feel this way too?"  he looked at her, the blank face shock in her eyes, after a few seconds, she seemd to take it in and spoke softly "jacob... you know i like you... but it would never work, we're friends, and thats all we can be. im sorry".    Jacobs heart felt as though there was a knife in it. the sounds left him, he didn't feel jasmin tug his arm as he rose from the sofa, he didn't hear her call after him as he stepped into the wallway again, he didn't feel the soft patter of rain on his face as he walked outside, he only snapped out of it when a hand grabbed his shoulder and spun him round, jacob stood face to face with her father, still holding the knife "what the fucks going on?!" he yelled into jacobs face, sending spit onto the young mans face "my duaghters in there crying 'cuase of you, he swung out a fise and hit jacob in the ribs, but instead of the cracking of ribs, there was a flash of movement as jacob grabbed the knife and thrust it into the fist heading at him, blood poured out onto them both as the father fell back onto the ground clutching the knife that went through his hand.

the rain was getting intense as jacob turned at ran, he heard jasmin scream his name, but he couldn't unstand anything, his mind was blank, the pain in his chest to intense to let him think, he didn't even know he was running untill it was too late, but now he had the speed he went all out, sprint down the went road, jumping bins and walls and anything that stood in his way,  his face was coverd in tears and rain, he was blinded, but he kept running, bright lights made what few things he saw unclear, but he ran.  jacob didn't see the light turn green, he didn't see the car that came around the corner, nor did the driver see jacob's black clothing against the sky and heav sheet of rain. the first they knew of each other they're eye's met as jacob smashed into the front of the car, he roled over the bonnet, into the windshield head first, smashing the class, he bounced onto the roof of the car and then down, hitting his head on the back bumper before he lay, batterd and bleeding in the road, bones broken and blood pouring out of the class cuts all over him, mixing with the rain onto his skin, the car skidded to a halt and the man and woman inside jumped, she was already calling for help and he slid down next to the broken body on the road, a car pulled up beind them and used it's lights to let them see the body, the car contained a doctor, and as the shouts and scream of people could be heard in jacobs ear, he heard one voice, his best friend, his roomate was there  "who did this?  who the fuck did this?  jacob, speak to me you bastard!"  jacob lost the voice's, the only thing that was left was the pumping of his chest, he wasn't sure if his heart was even beating anymore, but whatever this was, didn't make him feel better.  he fell into the blackness...

cold, broken and alone in his own mind, with only the thumping of his broken heart to keep him company. falling into the spirals of a black darker then the moonless night he spent looking out of his window. this was it, jacob thought, this is it.

The End

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