heart beats and stepping stones.Mature

london, winter, gray sky's and dark, cold nights make up the routine in jacob's life, the life he and his friends leads together is a simple one, untill one night changes his life forever...

                                                                     chapter one: simple starts.

The sun rose over london like it did every day, the sound of birds always followed it, then the sound of car coughing to life and making there way to work in the tall office's that litter the skyline, the frosty morning air raised leaves from the gutter and swirled them in the street like hurricanes. 

jacon yoann awoke as he did every morning to the ice cold winds seeping into his room from the icy world outside. He looked around his room, the orange light seeping in slowly through the holes in his drapes, sighing softly to himself he pulled himself upright and yawned, strething his back, his arms way out in front of him he frowned to himself, for a boy of 16 he was already six foot three and his muscle tone made him look much older, his body was coverd in scars, many from the abuse he suffererd as a child, many more from sky running, it wasn't just a hobbie anymore, the rush of air through his short crimson hair as he leapt off roof tops, and over high walls. "in another life he would have made an amazing ninja turtle!" his best friend used to joke, now as jacob stood, his  bare feet on the cold wooden floor, he sighed silently to himself, he thought of the boy who saved his life, the one who was always there to listen to him. as jacob opend to tall wooden door into the ice cold corridor, stepping out onto the vinel flooring he let out a small gasp at how cold it was, he regretted only having his underware to sleep in, taking a few sleepy steps forwerd he leaned on kelly's door, knocking gently he opened the door slightly and called into the dark room "oi, wake up, you got school in half an hour and i'm jumping in the shower so hurry up", A low grunt was the simple reply, jacob walked to the end of the dark corridor and switched on the light.

stepping into the bat tub the shower burst into life, the warm water burst onto jacobs face, he washed, tracing his scars as he went. five minutes later he stepped out wrapping a towel around his waist. He stepped back out onto the vinel flooring, now that the light was buzzing over head and the sun had become visable, it didn't seem as cold, kelly was now awake and hearing his roomate poked his head around the kitchen door, "morning" he said in his chirpy irish accent, he'd lived in london for ten years but still never lost the irish accent he was so proud of. To kelly, where he came from was one of the most importent things in the world, he wanted one day to go home and see his old town. as jacob stood there, enjoy the sunrays on his face, kelly called out "think fast" jacob turned and just had time to react to the flying piece of toast heading for him. Luaghing to himself jacob jogged back into his room.

putting the toast into his mouth, jacob used his now free hand to grab a pain of light blue jeans off the old wooden chair in the corner, pulling them up he hopped to the chest of draws and picked out a checked, red and black shirt, throwing it on he swallowed the last of his toast and did up the buttons. he sprayed himself with deodorant, put his keys, phone and wallet into his pocket and walked out of the flat for work.

walking down the road the cold air had disappeared and the morning sun was warm on his face, there were cars parked on both sides of the road, so many people still asleep, while he was out here, just like every morning before today, jacob walked past the homeless man on the corner, "hey rusty" he said to the bundle of blankets, "hey jacob, got anything for me today?" as jacob got a full view he could see to blue eyes looking out at him, just like every other day, he gave the man some change and kept on walking, passing the city blocks full of children crying and dogs barking, past the roads where the bikes and cars waged war on each other.he walked the mile and a half to his work as help desk worker at a supermarket.

work was just as boring as always, someone trying to return something they'd broken themselves, a few kids, little children, getting cuaght with there pockets full and there wallets empty, making a dash for it with the guards close behind. some kids he knew from school, bunking off. as always, he suffered abuse from unhappy shoppers, but today he didn't curse under his breath, today he was happy, it was friday, and he was going to leave work and go to see the love of his life, and tell her how he really felt about her.

The End

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