Heart and Ink

This becomes my common dilemma,
where's the remedy?
in pen and ink?
How do I find healing when the ink's not flowing
do I force my hand into my chest, clench my fist around my heart, rip it out and slap it down on the paper?
Maybe pierce my skin until I cry and hope the tears hold the release I'm longing for?
but if not, what then?
these battles are best fought with pen.
What do I do when the very ink in my hand is against me?
I could shove emotion aside, pretend this wasn't one of those days.
But that's defeat.
Instead, I'll leave my heart there.
Let it bleed along the lines.
As long as it takes.
Until it cures this ache.
Until this longing is satisfied.
Satisfied with heart and ink.

The End

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