I run through the branches as fast as my muscles will allow. I am a blur across the forest floor and I just pray that I`m running fast enough to lose this creature upon my chase. I breath so hard that my lungs burn and my heart thumps against my ribs like a caged bird. The earth beneath my feet is twisting away into the night and my eyes are starting to play tricks on me. Shadows dance to my fear and the creatures of the night lick their lips with pleasure. My skin bleeds as its scarred by the whipping thorns and twitching trees. My mind stirs its evil plan and warns me off a death even my own imagination couldn`t create. My hand runs across the tall birch trees and smears it with blood. I snap into reality by the sound of a long, tortured scream and I skid to a stop. I turn frantically in all directions and strain my eyes to search the forest of the victim. I breath deep and suddenly hear the snap of a branch behind me. My mind jumps and it screams for me to run but the signal never gets to the rest of my body. I freeze totally when I hear a soft voice whispering into the darkness. A raspy voice scratches into my core, “Have you ever wondered how you would die and how much blood could flow from your veins?”. My tongue is tangled by fear and I sputter out a silent cough. I feel a quick slash against my back and the piercing claws dig deep into my skin. I bleed drastically but still somehow find a way to keep quiet. I make enough effort to turn my head only to find myself staring into pure darkness. I stagger about three steps and feel another slice to my side, this one cutting deep. I fall to the forest floor and can feel the life seep from my pores. I can see death approaching and my mind becomes a blank. I feel a force kick me in the side and roll me onto my back. I stare up only to the glaring eyes of a beautiful woman. I try to speak but I`m stopped in my tracks by two quick slashes to my chest. As I lay upon the ground bleeding, broken and bruised I stare at her. She bends down and touches the back of her hand to my cheek, she embraces my fear and suddenly kisses me on the cheek. My skin burns from the touch of her lips as if she had caressed them with pure acid. She turns her head and whispers into my ear, “I always loved you…You never even knew I existed, now I`ve came here to claim what is truly mine.” She then kisses me passionately and runs her fingers through my hair. For that moment I felt connected, I felt as one, and in all the pain I felt I somehow felt love deep down inside. But with one single slash and slice of her dagger she dug deep into my flesh and sank her hand into my chest. With my last single words I whispered “I love you”. With her anger and those words she pulled my heart from my ribs and as it continue beating in her hand she looked me in the eyes and as a single tear ran down her face and fell to my corpse she took the dagger and pierced it through her chest and straight into her heart. “I`m sorry…” echoed into the shadows as she fell to the ground.

The End

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