Now that I have your attention, allow me to introduce myself.


Since this is my story after all, you can call me Rachel. I've always liked the name Rachel.


So anyway...


Have you every wondered what it would be like to live in complete and total silence? To be honest, I personally could never bring myself to try to imagine it. After years of devoting my life to various musical instruments (piano, clarinet, violin, guitar, etc.) and a lot of singing in the shower, I had already decided by the age of fifteen that I wanted to devote my life to making music in some sort of way. And you can't make music if you can't hear it, right? Sure that one classical guy did it years ago, but I'm pretty sure he was some sort of prodigy or something and he had years of experience before he went deaf. So yeah, I didn't want to be like him. I liked hearing the world around me and what people were saying and whatever the hell my parents were watching on TV. Not that I ever paid attention to that, but whatever.


Then one day I woke up with a head cold. Oh the joys. No big deal though, right? It'll go away soon, right? Well, friend, you would be wrong. The head cold persisted, and eventually an ear infection ensued. My mother took me to the doctor at that point, and they prescribed some antibiotics. Even after I got better, though, I could tell something still wasn't right. My hearing wasn't going back to normal. Sometimes it would be fine, other times not so much.


After a while, Mom took me back to the doctor because of it. And that's when I got the news.


I was going to go deaf.

The End

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