Take a Moment...

A young girl's unique perspective on the world around her.

Close your eyes.


Take a deep breath.


Now, let it out.


Don't open your eyes just yet though.


I want you to listen. Listen to your surroundings for a minute. What do you hear? Your air conditioner humming? Birds chirping? Car horns blaring? A television set? Children laughing? A radio talk show, or the latest hits? Maybe you hear a family member in the next room, or a neighbor humming on the balcony outside. A child at their piano lesson, occasionally hitting a correct note.


Maybe you hear arguing. An angry mother at her children. An angry husband at his wife.


Now, open your eyes.


Maybe that did nothing for you. Maybe you consider that a waste of your precious time.


Maybe now you feel a little calmer; a little more relaxed. You notice things a little more differently than you did a few seconds ago. Like waking up to new surroundings.


Whatever the case may be, I want you to do that every now and then. Stop and listen to the things around you. It doesn't matter where you are. Just take a moment to pause, and really listen to the sounds you think you're familiar with. Because one day you may wake up and things have changed. Your air conditioner broke. The birds flew south for the winter. You forgot to pay your cable bill. Your family member left for work a little earlier than usual, or your neighbor's sick that day. The child's mother decided it wasn't worth it to continue piano lessons.


The wife finally left her husband.


Or maybe one day when you wake up, you feel that something's wrong. You decide to go to the doctor and you get the news that changes everything. You're going deaf.


I know what that feels like.

The End

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