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My father, David Pedersen has been smoking since he was 12, when a group of kids had pressured him into smoking. After turning 18 he continued to smoke not thinking of the health issues which would soon happen. When I was born he was smoking three packs a day, but only when he could afford. But on other days two, because money was tight. He also drank alcohol and drugs which also brought down his health.

When I was five years old, I was wondering why he wouldn't stop smoking and decided to ask him why he smoked. He replied with, it is like a candy bar once you have one you want more and more. Which turned off candy bars for me for a while. A couple of months later he moved away to Minnesota and I never saw him again. In Minnesota he continued to smoke and I wasn't surprised when I had found out they had to put him on oxygen. He had been on oxygen for about half a year, and this still wasn't clue enough for him to stop. He continued to smoke, endangering his life and those of his neighbors because smoking can cause a oxygen tank to explode.

Nothing it seemed would make him stop but until he got placed in a hospital his lungs giving up. He was hooked up to machines keeping him alive. His lungs looked like charcoal, but there was nothing the doctors could do. After spending about a week in the hospital he died in August of 2009.

     Some health concerns for cigarettes are Cardiovascular disease, which  can cause bad circulation, chest pains, heart attacks and strokes. Lung cancer, which is responsible for 90% of the cancer deaths.  More people die from smoking then from AIDS, drug abuse, car accidents, and homicide combined.  One in every three adults smoke.

     About 32% of men smoke and about 27% of female smoke cigarettes. Also smoking a single cigarette can lower ones life span 10.7 minutes and when smoking a twenty pack your life can be shortened from up to three and a half hours.  Nicotine in the cigarettes are what get people hooked to them. Filtered cigarettes are not any more safer then unfiltered ones.

     The Virgina yellow leaf or the Virginia Flue is what causes cancer and was made completely by accident. Most companies try not to use this leaf anymore. Other horrible things in cigarettes are tar and fiber glass which really shouldn't be put into the body system.

     When my dad smoked inside the ceiling and everything around him would turn a yellowish color and the reason for that is, yellow means that there is an infection and when you breath it out it sticks to the roof and walls. It is pretty much showing what you are breathing in, and over the course of time the yellow becomes more noticeable. Also yellow can be found on the teeth and in the mucus, which is usually coughed up.

     There are many deaths related to cigarette smoking and is a habit that should be kicked. Kids get second degree smoke which isn't fair to them and can cause diseases which again can kill you and leave your children from the world, cutting your life span and taking away from others. If they had had more health facts on smoking back when my dad was a kid grabbing for his first cigarette he would have known all the health concerns from it and maybe he would have changed his mind.



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