What would you do if your life was written on your body? All the things you have ever and WILL do on your back, your job on you face. Would you go mad? I would.

Now take that, and than add the fact that written on your face is a job that your own people don't have. You are all alone, and clueless to what laid ahead for you.



From the day of my birth, their have been questions on my background. I was never the normal child, like I was told be. I never understood what was wrong with me till I turned eleven.

At that time, we children are taking from out home and taken to our career traing places. When they came to take me, my Mother bawled like most mothers do. She know it would be a year till she saw me, and by then I would be training in town to be whatever was written on my head.

Only thing was there was only one of me. In our worlds history, no one has ever had HEALER written on their forehead. Was I to be a Doctor? A herb Women? Where should they send me?

Those are all the things that ran though my mind on my Eveleth birthday.

The End

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