Heads or TailsMature

Everyone has a story; so does a coin!

This is the story of a coin; not a very special coin but one that had a story of it’s own. Now as the approaching sound became louder and louder, all it could try to think of was how it all started...


The first feeling the coin could remember was suffocation. Some of you might be wondering how can a coin have feelings? Well, this one had. Its good that it had, otherwise it would be just another coin in your wallet. Let’s get back to the story then.

As the coin felt suffocated, it wondered what might be  the cause. It tried to look around but it was dark. It tried to push its way through but it could not. It tried a little more but found hard edges brushing its sides. The suffocation was really getting bad now.

Suddenly, it felt movement. It felt like that it was flowing in a river, but there was no water. The ride was a bumpy one. At last, it stopped and for the first time light appeared. It was bright and beautiful. So beautiful, it scared the coin. It had not seen anything like this before, so far it was dark all around.

As the coin started to get used to the light, it saw the reason for it’s suffocation earlier. There were lots and lots of other coins like it on top of each other; they were just born out of mints. The light reflected of the other coins making it almost impossible to see anything that was beyond.

While it was looking at it’s siblings, it felt something soft. It had not felt anything like that before. It wondered what it could be but this feeling was nice; a whole lot better than the one it experienced earlier.

It found itself rising higher and higher. It could now see all the coins that lay beneath it. It was a huge pile of shiny round metals. Had any other coin ever seen anything like it? Well, the coin din’t know.

Then it felt something else; pinching! It was something it had to deal for the rest of it’s life, so after a while pinching din’t seem so bad. As it rose higher and higher, it felt gush of air all over it. But this was not at once, there was small pauses in between. As it tried to look for the source, horror griped it.

As like many things so far and as like many things yet to come, for the first time it looked at a human face. It was not a pleasant one; though the coin should not have known how a human looks like but it knew that it did not like the look of the current one. It was a broad face with bloody eyes and a heavy beard. Not a well maintained beard, but a coarse patch that one might associate pirates with.

It saw the mouth of the face open and it saw what was inside; pale yellow teeth and a discolored tongue. It saw the mouth close with a small stick between the lips and then there was a mini-fire at the other end of the stick. The fire amazed the coin; it was beautiful. It liked the way the fire was becoming intense with time. Then suddenly the intensity died and the stick was pulled out of the lips. The lips opened again slowly and smoke came out of the mouth. Even the smoke looked beautiful while it came out; it was like a dream looking through the smoke.

Then the smoke reached the coin; it was unbearable. The sense of suffocation came back. How can people put such things in their mouth. It was glad that it was just a coin.

Then it saw the mouth open again, but this time there was no smoke. Instead, there was sound coming out of it. Oh well, there was much to learn. Somehow the coin seemed to understand what the man was saying. Good that it deed, otherwise this story would not have been there to share.

‘Oye, what do you make of it?’, it heard the man say.

‘What’s there to?’, there was another voice not so far away. The coin could not see the face but the voice was clear enough.

‘Do you think it’s a special coin?’

‘Yeah, like all the ones lying out there. Listen, if you want your pay stop bull-shitting and get on with your job’.

‘Ai, ai, Captain’, said the main and then coin heard him say something else in a low voice; ‘Shithead’.

After some time, the men decided to take a break from their work. The man still had the coin with him. The other man noticed this and asked, ‘That’s not yours. Why don’t you put it back where it should be?’

‘Why don’t you concentrate more on eating your food than deciding what is mine and what is not, you are not my wife’.

‘I sure am not. Let’s play a game, what say?’

‘Forget it, I am not gonna eat that crap food you bring each day. Don’t get me wrong but my stomach does not agree with the cooking of your wife’.

‘Let’s not go there, okay? The game is simple. You flip the coin. Heads you keep it, tails you do not’.


The man then took out the coin and flipped it. The coin felt itself rising up higher and higher and spinning. Everything around looked out of place. Luckily, it did not last long. The coin came down into the man’s palm, but instead of staying there it fell through the fingers. It struck the ground hard and started to roll. It reached the end of the room only to find a small hole. It could see darkness beyond and wished the man would pick up the coin again. But no one did, as it went through the hole.

As it entered darkness once again, it heard the other man say, ‘ I guess it was tails’.

The End

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