Headphone Demon

Right - you know how however neatly you wrap them around your mp3 / iPod your headphones always end up in knots? This is why.

At last - a pocket! The little imp grinned to itself and took to the air, invisible to human eyes. Well, most eyes, really. And technically he was a demon, not an imp, but his size led everyone to call him an imp. It was very demeaning, even if he was small, and the demon was often in a very bad mood after one of his co-workers referred to him as 'imp'.

But if he wasn't small, he'd never be able to do his job. The bigger ones, they just weren't so good at the tangling. They couldn't get it right. And he'd known more than one that had had difficulty with a smaller pocket. He'd been the one laughing then.

This pocket, however, was a stunning opportunity for some real hardcore knotting. Besides, the headphones were orange, which was the demon's favourite colour.

The headphone demon hugged its arms to its body and zoomed cheerily towards the unsuspecting teenage human.


The End

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