Against all Sensebility

We stood there frozen.  Our eyes searching out the darkness that lay just outside the perimeter of light. 

One of the guys finally managed a slightly shaky laugh,  looking to the rest of us for a confirmation of the humor in this sound. It didn't sound funny to me, in fact, it horrified me.

Croaking, my voice sounding like sandpaper, I announced my decision to go back.  I squeezed Franz' hand, gripping it with intentions of dragging him out with me.  

My grandmother used to say, "Follow your first mind."  {Nervous laugh}, presented a very game argument, he did all he could to change our minds about what could have caused the sound,  and what the sound could have been. 

I watched as the others considered this,  I looked up at Franz.  His eyes searching mine, pleaded with me to listen, to just listen. 

And I relented, I considered the lame explanations, for Franz...  Although the voice of reason bounced around inside my skull.

We continued on...

The End

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