Heading Towards the Dawn

An innocent trip turns into a fight for survival...

We all agreed that it would be fun to go down into the tunnel.  I had my misgivings, but friendly persuasion makes for a wonderful incentive. 

Different people  told different stories about the loss of a little girl down there, over 10 years before.  One story claimed she had never been found,  another claimed she had been found.  However, each story claimed her ghost haunted the dark, dank, smelly underground tunnel. 

We made our preparations, a back pack filled with stuff.  It was stuff we felt we might need, though all of us agreed we'd only be there for an hour or two.

Standing at the entrance, my head began to pound, my body shivered.  Franze felt  it and wrapped his arms around me.  Usually that would make everything better, but not this time.  He grabbed the pack from my hands and laughed at how heavy it was  "Is this the kitchen sink?"   I tried to smile and failed miserably.  He stared into my eyes for a brief moment.  "We don't have to do this you know."   I knew, still I knew his curious side, I knew he wanted to go.   I shrugged it off and gave him a peck on his cheek.  I saw his eyes light up.

There were six of us in all, two girls and four guys.  Franze smiled at me telling me nothing would go wrong, it would be fun.  I took a deep breath and moved forward.

Warning signs, the gate was rusted shut, however, persistence rose to the occasion. 

A cold wind pushed past me,  the smell of something rotten snaked it's way into my nostrils.  In my head, I heard myself screaming, TURN BACK, TURN BACK NOW!

Slimy walls closed in on us.  So far, nothing strange and I began to feel silly for allowing my imagination to run away with me.  Calming down, I grabbed Franze's hand, he squeezed mine brought it up to his lips, that's when we heard it. 

In horror stories they always said they heard a blood curdling scream.  I used to laugh at that... this was a sound unlike anything I'd ever heard.  It didn't curdle my blood, it almost stopped my heart.

The End

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