Arianna Boot

As soon as the tyrant took her leave, the room exploded with sound.

Arianna Boot, the girl who had needed help from Ethan turned to him again. Her turquoise eyes shone with excitement.

"Oh my God, that was hilarious! Simply hilarious! Was it your doing?"

Ethan laughed shortly. "No, no, but however it happened, it was brilliantly executed. I think Andrew did it."

"Really? Andrew Pepper, the new kid? Why do you think he did it?"

"I don't know."

The Level 12 stared pensively at the floor.

"It's just- as soon as I saw him- I got this feeling, you know?"

Arianna patted his head. "Nope. I have no idea. But I'm sure you've a point there. Thirteen-year-olds always have this sort of aura of intelligence and mystery about them. Whenever the Level 9s walk by, I literally get this sensation of inferiority deep in my throat."

Ethan Howard chuckled shortly.

"I have no idea what you mean. With me, it was just the one kid. And I didn't feel inferior. But come. Let's work out this mathematics figure before I get ground to a pulp."

The End

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