Comic Relief

                                *                     *                     *

The amphibious piece of slime oozed its way through the dense forest in which it had suddenly found itself. A beady eye popped out on each side of its face with a movement reminiscent of a jack-in-the-box toy. A vast bowl of dull green jello bulged out from beneath its neck. The bewildered frog croaked questioningly, prepared his little webbed feet, and leaped to the dusty floor in one fluid moment.

Ethan Howard and most of his level-mates felt like applauding at this flawlessly executed vie for freedom but decided that could wait.

Headmistress Hedsley was looking more than a bit irritated.

Ever so slowly she bent down, her knee-length maroon skirt swishing airily about her quiet varicose veins.

She breathed in Ethan's face, one of the cruelest punishments he had ever received at the hands of this tyrranizing woman. The stench which now overpowered his senses was a rare combination of onions, mushrooms, asparagus, green peas, and those god-awful peanut candies.

"I'm going to the bathhouse now, sweetie," Headmistress Hedsley crooned in Ethan's ear. "Come by tomorrow after breakfast and we'll spend some quality time together."

And with these words, she stalked off, dripping green slime from her severe blonde bun.

The End

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