He was Innocent.

this was written by a kid in my freshman class:)

He was Innocent

It was dark at a midnight hour,
they came out of the night.
Up the the hill they trudged
to wrong a man who has only done right.
He was innocent
Death he carried upon his back.
It was the cross.
He was innocent
They got to the top
of Golgotha Hill.
For it was Jesus Christ
they were set out to kill
He was innocent
They put up the cross,
then hung the man.
Who did no wrong,
just taught God's plan.
He was innocent
Now he hung up there
and endured pain.
The snapping noise,
of the whip's reign.
He was innocent
Beat him bloody,
black, and blue.
They had no respect
for someone so true.
He was innocent.
Crown of Thorns
jammed on his head.
No one cared
as he hung there and bled.
He was innocent.
They laughed and spat
and made fun of him.
All he chose to say was
“Father, forgive them.”
He was innocent.
He didn't fight or rebuttal.
He just lay silent.
He was innocent.

Charlie Robison

The End

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