Part One

I want him... She wants him... He wants her.... Amy enters Gregory Middle School and immediately has a crush on Adam Cooper, the calm, cool and collected guy in school. However, Adam doesn't know her, and he tries to be friendly. Once he found out about his friend Jordan's depression, he bonds with her instead which makes Amy become really upset and violent.

Amy is a petite girl with long brown hair in elegant waves, pale skin, and brown eyes. Her mother has dark hair, which made Amy assume that her father had brown hair, or somewhere in between. Whenever she asked about it, her mother would ignore her. So she minded her own business. After showering, she gets dressed into the same outfit she wore on her first day of school at Blue Ridge Academy. Letting her hair hang loose, she grabs her floral printed bag and heads out the door, but not before grabbing a breakfast bar to munch on. 

Amy starts to look around when she gets to school, then she finds her locker. She looks around and notices how people are socializing at each other's lockers. No one approached her yet--but that was because she was new. At least she wasn't an outcast like she was back at her old school, where she was the 'slut.' She sighed as she went to her first class. 

When she got to her homeroom, it was expansive, brimming with students. A part was remaining close to the window, some sitting on the floor or on the couch, and then some needed to share a seat. This wasn't arranged at all, the students chose who could sit with them or not. An auburn head caught Amy's eyes. A girl was already seated behind him but lucky for Amy there was an empty seat beside him. With a beaming smile, she sat down in that seat. 

**Adam has to turn around and talk to the girl behind him.

The End

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