he started from scratch

He started from scratch is about a young man who is from the French Carribean , he comes in NYC and built his own business in trading but he also built his own family with his wife who is from Brooklyn and from african- american descent.

The first time he saw New York city he didn't know anything of this so famous City , except what he had read in books and magazines. Of course, his head was full of clichés about American people and especially about new yorkers. he imagined them all walking down the street promptly with their attache-case and dressed in black suit . His major fear was to hit one of this so rushed personn and to feel completely lost in this economical temple he even thought that  they all worked in wall Street. he also feared to be shot dead by a thug like in BOYZ IN  THE HOOD a movie he had seen on BET during the Black History Month for he thought that the City was  divided into two parts : those who worked and those who were wanted by the police with their picture on wanted poster.

Things were really different in his country ,everyone knew everything about  you for instance, when they knew that he left  the island they all gave him warnings saying that he had to be careful of this foreign young american women who might try to coax him to get his money . They  also encouraged him to stay concentrated on his job and not to befriend with too many people, but he didn't hear them, what made him clash with his  relatives especially with his  father who had raised him alone. Everytime he called home he did everything possible to steer the conversation so that his father doesn't know  what kind of people he frequented. He spoke of all kind of completely irrelevant things from the weather to the latest popular soap opera he had wathed on tv . But to be honest, things were pretty difficult for him in his new hometown.

Firstly, when he arrived at the appartement , he had rented, the door  was jammed so he had  to knock at his neighbour's door to ask them if they had extra key. Fortunately, they had, but  unfortunately the appartment was unfurnished. At that very precise moment he started thinking of his very cozy and welcoming  bedroom in his parents's house. He couldn't believe that he had been handpicked for this so great job but also for living in this miserable appartment in Brooklyn. Indeed, he had been choosen among about hundred candidates to be the manager of a firm (even though it was a very small one) 

The first night on the floor of his new home was hard for it was cold and he had the feeling to hear all kind of absolutely frigtening noises he even had nightmares that night. in spite of all that annoyance, his first day at his new job was amazing not only because his collegues were very flexible people but also because he met for the first time the woman who would become his wife. At first being very shy he didn't dare to talk to her but tried to collect secretely as much informations as he could about her.  She was amazing , for him , with his dimpled- face , she even seemed to be surrounded by a halo of grace , he couldn't help but stare at her. Being an outsider make his seduction hard and today ten years later he still remembers how ridiculous he was sometimes talking to her!

The End

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