Neville with the news

Neville with the news

Have you ever had that feeling when you can tell that something is amiss? Even without relying on your senses to tell you so.  Or you were afraid of what your eyes would see when they opened them. Well, I had that feeling now.

I’d just woken, a throbbing head ache pounding my head. My eyes were still tightly shut, and I was holding my breath. I took the scent from the air around me; freshly baked bread and the sweet aroma of coffee beans. Not the yesterday smells; stale food and dust.

Sounds then began to mix with all the other components; the humming of an oven, the bubbling of boiling water, and what sounded like a TV with no signal; fizzing.

Finally my eyes flicked open. It felt like I was lifting a great weight from my chest as the light suddenly came flooding in, and in that split second my original concerns were confirmed. Something was different.

I was laid on the floor. Why? I tried to remember back to the previous night, but it was all a ambiguous blur. I remembered a watch, and the attic. I recalled flashing and a sort of screaming, which once again was ringing in my ears as I remembered. But nothing else really. Not how I’d ended up on the floor......

The End

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