He smiles Forever

This is just a little bit from my current book. Im writing it on paper so I wont get it all done. Its so kwl. ive been writing it since febuary, its getting really exciting because she has just travelled back in time. the character is called Maggie anne Meadow. Her parents, teri and Bertie have just split up and bertie is moving to america with his new girlfreind mandy and her and teri move into her late great great grandmothers house, calles scarlett cottage. But its actually quite big. She fin



Is there a point in running when you only seem to be digging your own grave? And staying here you get somewhat blinded by lies.

 So I didn’t run because there was still one person I had faith in. I shouldn’t trust him, I know that. Yet I’m sure one day, when the fighting is all but a memory, and a thick blanket of peace clothes the world, he’ll return.

I heard the sound of a bomb, a merciless resonance, wadding the air in sheets of ear-wrenching sounds. I covered my ears with the flat palms of my hands, those still allowing faint monotones to percolate their way through my self-made barrier.

I turned my attention to the night’s sky. There were no stars. No moon. Just the planes’ of the English and the Germans’, both my friends and foes. The fire of their missiles, an illumination of the once murky and motionless upper atmosphere.

And there I stood, surrounded by a progression of streams flowing on the open tarmac, the rainwater carrying along the contents of London’s deceased environment.

 Another bomb burst into life, this time followed by a period of fluted flux, where the deafening screams of children bellowed out. So it is perhaps no surprise that I’m utterly terrified ; that is my location been the heart of London whilst it’s in the midst of a blitz, rain pouring of my shoulders, matting my hair and blending with my tears. Still, he hasn’t come. He has his own war to fight. But soon one of his bombs would seek refuge on my being. So I was going to die. And to blame, that’s on time, Seven Thirty-Nine I read.

I threw the watch on the floor and crushed it with my foot.

The End

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