He Said To Me...

This story is about a young boy who is made bad by evil himself.

He said to me... 
He said to me that he was bound to a life on earth but not to live on earth just to be there. He was never to walk on earth again but he would still be there, not in body but in mind and spirit. He came to me a few weeks ago and at first I thought I was going crazy but then he told me his name and what he was and I understood. In the first week he would advise me to do things which I thought to be wrong but he showed me they were right; like when someone picked on me I would just normally shrug it off but he told me to seek revenge, and when I did what he said I was never bothered again by that boy as he promised...
The next week he started to tell me about what life was. He said to me that life was like a huge meal and at the end there was dessert. The best part off the meal, he said, dessert was Death. He said he could use my help but I could not help until I had finished dessert. I understood what he said and agreed to help him - from then on I felt different.
The next day was the coldest day of that year and the lake, near by the house that I lived in, was frozen over the top. He said to me that it was time to clear my plate. He said to me that I was to take a knife from the kitchen and bath it in the blood of an enemy's when the bullies confronted me, the blood raced up the knife and changed its form.
It had a golden handle with a symbol at the edge which reminded me of an odd face with horns:  its eyes stared deep into my soul. From the handle sprouted a 19mm deep black metal blade with splashes of blood red .He said to me that it could penetrate anything that has in exsistance. Then he said to me that I should go to the frozen lake.
Afterwards I took the dagger in hand and slipped out of the house and walked to the lake. He said that I was to walk to the centre of the lake. So I took one step onto the lake and all of the snow that lay upon the lake parted like the Red Sea. I quickly retracted my foot, he said to me it was just the wind, I was not to worry, you will make it to the center safely.
I continued to the centre and every step I took my heart was beating faster and faster. I tried so many times to step back but there was a force against behind me that stopped me. When I tried to overpower this force He said to me continue, as I need your help and something inside felt very appreciated and was honored but I knew what I was doing was wrong or did I? Why I didn't turn back I don't know but every time I tried I couldn't.
I reached the centre and a gust of wind picked up and formed what felt like a tornado right in front of me it swirled viscously and disbanded with such power I fell into a kneeling position and dropped the knife .I could feel someone there but there was no one, NO ONE .It was like that feeling you get when you think someone is behind you then you turn and no one is there but I knew something was there.
He said to me that I had reached the centre and that it was for me to join him. He said to me that I was to take the dagger from the floor .Without resistance, I lifted the dagger which was burning with power and even though it was the most excruciating pain I have ever felt, I raised it up without hesitation. He said to me that I was to pierce the centre of the ice with the knife.
He said to me that life was like a large meal and Death is dessert; what he didn't say was that after desert you have to pay for the meal and big meals are very expensive...

The End

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