Get changed

      You get changed into a halter dress you bought recently a few weekends ago and slipped on a cardigan. You pursed your lips as you stared into your miniature shoe closet. It was hard to choose between flats, or flip-flops, but you decided to go with the Bella look from the ever-so famous Twilight and wore All-Star converse.

      Before you could go back downstairs to greet your mother again, you find she's gone and she's left a note saying:

      Hello sweetie! Sorry I couldn't make properly make the waffles. They're more like pancakes! I'll see you toonight  tonight and make sure you get back safely. Call me when you're home! Dinner is in the fridge, about 3 or 4 minuts minutes should be good in the microwave. Love you, Mom

      You laugh a little at your mother's messy handwriting She had to rewrite a few words again due to permanent pens from work, and her dyslexia was probably setting in.

      You look over at the plate and saw they weren't even called pancakes or waffles but shrugged. You hear the doorbell ring and quickly run towards it, making sure not to slip on the slipperly tiled kitchen floor.

      "Yes?" you open to the door to see a boy about your age with a smile, his amazing blue eyes shining behind his rectangular black glasses.

      "Um..." he shifted a little, and chuckled a bit before answering, "You have something... on your mouth..." he pointed at his own face to where it was.

      What's your reaction and what will you do?

The End

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