Check to see what the crusty stuff is

      You immediately run towards the bathroom and looked in the mirror to see the described "crusty stuff" on your mouth. It looked gross, but it was dried up saliva from the deep sleep you had last night. Of course, you wash it off immediately. You don't want a bad impression on the first day at a new school, especially high school. You pick out a dress you bought last weekend from Hollister and wore a white cardigan over it. You quickly brushed, brushed your hair, and sprayed a few puffs of perfume, just to make yourself look and smell presentable.

      "Eat up!" Your mother called from the kitchen as you sit yourself down. "I have to get to work now. I don't want to get fired." She seemed to be in a rush. Did she forget to set up her alarm clock again? "So, I'll see you tonight! Leftovers from last night's dinner are in the fridge. About three or four minutes should be good in the microwave. Bye! I love you!" she kissed you quickly on the forehead as always before hearing the door shut and the car tire screech out of the driveway. You stare down at the well-made waffles.

      How do you eat your waffles? (Yes, this WILL affect your results!)

The End

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