Get up! I don't want mom mad!

      You quickly jumped out of bed, mom's voice was always so lound and sharp sounding. You stumble across a few stray clothes on the floor you were too lazy to fold and put away in your closet or drawers by the window. You run down the stairs in panic. Being a straight A student was tough, especially if you have a single parent who works two jobs and rants to you day and night. "Good morning Mom." you managed to keep in a yawn.

      Your mother nodded in approval, grinning, "Morning sweety. Just wanted to make sure your alarm clock wasn't broken again!" she was making waffles with the new waffle iron she bought in Ikea yesterday after work. "The waffles will a while, in the mean time, get dressed and you something crusty on your mouth." she pointed at her own face.

      What do you do first?

The End

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