~He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not~

(First attempt addventure) Not everyone is normal. Not everyone is human. Not everyone falls in love with abnormal beings.

     You  close your eyes, hearing the constant screeches of your alarm clock telling you to get up and out of bed. You just moved to San Jose, California a quaint city, pretty nice, lots of trees, good people. Boring. Just plain boring to you. It was going to be your first day at Twilly High School, a strange name for a high school, but it was funny to say. The mascot was a tortoise; Twilly Tortoises, the over enthusiastic parents would scream at the embarrassed Twilly football stars from the tall bleachers.

      "Get up! Get up!" You can hear your mother call from downstairs. She sounds angry... School doesn't start until an hour, and you can rush. What do you do?

The End

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