Chapter 2Mature

She shuddered; the memory flooded her mind like an unwanted wave. Shaking her head fiercely she tried to remove him from her thoughts. It was useless, he seemed to be in all her thoughts these days, lingering like the unknown odor stemming from beneath the house. I need to really remember investigate that. She looked about her humble apartment. The faded furniture looked sad, almost as if it were begging for a friend. Her eyes moved about the room, slowly taking in what was to be her home, well for now. Aislynn was a normal girl by most accounts, though many had told her she was beautiful. Most of the time, she didn't believe them, discarding their compliments like a soiled tissue, but some days, some days, she could see it too. Aislynn stood before the long full length mirror, judging each bit of her half exposed body. Her green bra and floral panties looked baggy on her shrinking frame. Turning from side to side she frowned, the sound of a ringer cut through the warm air. She ran to the table at the foot of her bed, or her 'catch-all' as she described it. The vibrations reverberated through the room. Swiping the bar on the tiny screen to silence it, she walked to her bed and lay down. It was a text, from Matt. Matt: How could you bring your Ex to my house Ais? Our house! Aislynn read the screen several time, unsure what to say. To minutes passed before the phone vibrated again. Another text. From: Matt Ugh, really? Matt: Who the fuck do you think you are? I know you're reading this, don't avoid me Aislynn Seriphina Miller. Aislynn: What do you want? Enjoy your girlfriend, even though you only walked out, 22 HOURS AGO! She hit send, regretting her statement almost instantly. "Don't let him get to you Aislynn," she coached herself. "You're better than this." the words were less soothing than she had hoped. She closed her eyes, half expecting her phone to ring. Silence. # The summer air brushed her cheek like a warm handshake. Aislynn Miller couldn't have been more preoccupied. She thought of the last three days, the events still not fully absorbing in to her brain. She stood on her father's porch, the old apartment building had been a safe haven for her once before. The house seemed to sag, frowning over the street from the years of abuse. "At least you're safe," a familiar voice came from behind, making Aislynn jump. "Jesus, Brooks!" she gripped her chest for a moment. His eyes wandered over her body, running slowly over her breast, down the curve in her back and finally rested on her butt. She punched him lightly, walking away toward the house. "Thanks for coming; I hope it didn't cause any trouble for you." Aislynn's voice was barely audible. She pressed gently on the front door, entering her father's house. "No, it’s fine." he started, though she could sense his hesitation. "She's mad, isn't she? Cara, I mean" she really didn't want to cause a problem for her ex and his new girlfriend. Though, her opinion of her now ex best friend had changed in recent months. "Yeah, but she'll either deal with it, or beat feet" his words where icy. A shy smile crept over his face. He was a tall man, slender in his build. He had thick red hair flanking his ears, obviously in need of a trim. He still dressed the same after the six years they were together, Band t-shirts, jeans and generic work boots from Wal-Mart. "Let's get this over with" her father appeared from the living room putting a black baseball cap over his grey hair. "Ready?" Brooks raised an eyebrow in her direction. She climbed in to the white box truck, sitting on the hard floor between the two men. Riding in silence they trekked the 30 minute drive to her now former apartment, fear rising in her as they neared the driveway. She could see the three cop cars, having to call them for protection from Matt. She knew he would be angry, the thought of her children's father in his home would make him mad enough to do serious damage, and Aislynn wasn't about to let that happen. She watched in horror from the safety of the van, as he kicked down the locked storage shed door. She had hidden her prized possessions in there before fleeing the home only hours before. "How long will this take?" Brooks asked, his eyes never moving from the driveway. He knew Matt was crazier than a shit house rat and he wanted make sure he kept his distance. Before Aislynn could reply, an officer approached the driver side window. "She has one hour to remove her belongings, Mr. Caran will return after this time" the officer spoke with authority, as if an hour was enough time. Is this guy for real? She watched as he walked back to the other four officers, crossing the lush green grass she and her kids often played in. Without another word her father backed the truck in to the long driveway. They worked fiercely, packing her belongings in the few boxes and trash bags she could find. Pulling the drawers from the dressers to carry the clothes, Brooks worked with a sense of urgency. Each room blurred together s they collected the toys and collectibles she had moved so many times before. Anger and betrayal were the only feelings coursing through her body. Her eyes welled with tears at the sight of her pets, pets she would have to leave behind; she could only hope Matt was really going to take care of them. Two rabbits and cat, that's not a huge responsibility, she had cared for them on her own the entire time they had them. Her blonde hair fell in her eyes as she leaned her face against the cage sitting atop her dresser. "Bye guys," she stuck her hand in to pet them one at a time. "I'll see you soon, I hope" she blew a kiss in the cage. The rabbits watched her. She liked to think they were crying too, sad to see the one that fed and played with them go. Her cat was nowhere to be found, hiding from all of the noise and commotion. "Hurry up Ais, our hour’s up" her dad spoke gently, placing a hand on her shoulder. "I'm coming dad" she returned, still petting the bunnies. Closing their cage she looked at her room one more time. Rage began to fill her as she looked to empty bed, still made from the last day she had been there. He just left us.. He promised he wouldn't and he left! Her mind was racing. And he has a new girlfriend? What the fuck is that? It's been less than 12 hours. She shook the thoughts away, unsure if she was willing to deal with the emotions right then. She felt like Scarlett O'Hara, leaving for Tera to figure out what she was going to do next. "Let's go!" Brooks hollered up the stairs. Aislynn turned quickly, scanning the room for any missed treasures. Her feet propelled her forward, forcing her to leave her home. As she left, she handed one of the officers the key, thanking them all for the assistance. They rode home in silence. She couldn't help but think about how cold Brooks was, as the day worn on he became more irritable. She knew it was a matter of time before he blew up. But it never came. He stayed long enough to unload the truck in to the enormous barn that was attached to the old Victorian apartment building before leaving in a huff. She watched as they pulled out of the driveway from the kitchen window, finally a moment alone. She sobbed. # Aislynn opened her eyes. The vibrating of her cell phone had pulled her back to her dark bedroom, half naked on the bed. She pressed the message icon. Matt: Don’t fucking ignore me, Ais. Aislynn: Leave me alone. Matt:  Go fuck your ex. She waited, letting an agonizing 5 minutes pass before hitting send. Aislynn: Nah Matt: Do you know who I am? Do you understand no you're fucking with? Aislynn: I know who you are; you're a little bitch that talks a big game. Funny how you talk about fighting all the time, the only person I ever saw you hit was me. I'm pregnant. Leave me alone. She knew that would set him off. She didn't however expect his next message. A two part message rang through. Matt:  (1 of 2) What? You're lying to me. Trying to sucker me back? My girlfriend is tighter Matt: (2 of 2) sweeter and better than you'll ever be. Fuck you. Good bye The words stung, sending surges of sorrow and hatred down her spine. She threw the phone to the soft green comforter beneath her, letting the pillow top mattress swallow her in to its comfort. What the hell do I say to that? She tried to come up with a witty response but the knives in her back cut too deep. She was powerless. She felt the tiny pouch that was her abdomen. Swollen with the love child of their ruined courtship, she couldn't help but love the child. Apologizing in silence that HE was its father. Matt: Got nothing to say? Fine, don't ever talk to me again I'll have you arrested for harassment. His text came as no surprise. She was used to his idle threats and insults. Aislynn: Good-bye She set the phone one the nightstand to her right. Ignoring the outburst of vibrations as he bombarded her phone. Rolling onto her side she grabbed the small pink blanket that sat neatly folded over the edge of the bed. She curled up letting the tears flow freely, slipping in to a gentle slumber, forgetting briefly the torment she felt inside.
The End

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