He Loves Her NotMature

Aislynn Miller has been unlucky so far, in love and life. All she wants is to find the happiness she always heard she deserved. Will she finally get her wish? Delve in to the sometimes dark journey of the twisted flashbacks riddling her mind. Will she be able to let go and move on with her life? Will she find love?

She was weary of the way he looked at her, his eyes narrowing as he clutched her wrist tighter. It was a sensation she would rather forget, but knew nothing was going to take his hand away. He was angry, very angry. The tragedy was that Aislynn had no idea why he was so angry. Tears formed in her eyes, she fought to stifle them but it was no use. "Please, Matt, You're hurting me" she wriggled her arm, his grip tightened. The look in his eyes was one of confusion, almost terror. She didn't understand what was happening, they had a small disagreement about her best friend Drew, she had called to see if Aislynn would want to go shopping, but apparently that was not going to happen. "What is wrong with you" she pried at his fingers, she could feel her fingers going numb. "I love you" the words flooded her ears. "You love me, it's only been a few weeks" she said softly. He loosened his grip. Blood rushed back through her veins as he let go, his eyes seemed to be their usual crystal blue. Clear as a still pond on a summer day. "I do" he turned, leaving her to look at his back. "Matt - I" she stuttered, still in utter shock. She felt like she could vomit, she had fallen for him the moment they met, as cliché as it was, it was love for her, but it was all happening so fast. "I know, you don't love me, I should have known" his voice was sinister for a moment, condescending in its tone. "No that's not what I -" he cut her off. "Don't lie to me, you're just like the rest of them" he shook his head, still not turning around. She sat on the full size bed that took up most of the tiny trailer room, her sanctuary in this strange place. Looking to the floor she rubbed her arm. Is this normal? She pondered, letting her eyes rest on him again. He was tall, the way she liked her men, Maybe 6' or so, she wasn't sure. At a mere 5'2 she stopped at his shoulder, often resting her head against his warm, welcoming chest. She really had fallen for him the moment she saw him, though things were rapidly spinning out of control. The words uttered moments before left her speechless. She looked him over again, this time taking in his tattooed arms. He still hadn't turned around, so she approached him, "Baby,” she started, reaching for his shoulder. "Don’t" he stepped toward the door. "But, I" she hesitated "Aislynn, you should just go, it's for the best" his voice was almost a whisper. "I could have told you I loved you a week ago" she clasped her mouth. Her chocolate eyes widened in embarrassment. My clumsy lips just spilled my inner most secrets. Panic began to set in as she realized what just happened. It’s only been two weeks, is it really love? The question begged to be asked. Before she could say another word he spun on his heels throwing he to the bed with a smile. His lips turned in to a shy pout as he laid on top her. Her heart fluttered, the feelings shooting through every inch of her. She felt electrified every time he touched her. She ran her fingers across his cheek, wiping the tears that hadn't dried. "I'm so sorry" he said between kisses "it'll never happen again Princess, I swear." She pulled his shirt over his head, believing his words, his promise. He loved her, he wouldn't hurt her anymore. Her innocent mind incapable of seeing the coming events, they made love. # Entangled in a mass of sheets, she opened her eyes to the pitch black of the night. She didn't remember falling asleep. She could feel Matt beside her, breathing lightly. Tossing the heavy grey comforter aside she slid to edge of the double bed. Being on the inside made it difficult to navigate her way out of bed and to the bathroom. "Where are you going?" she felt his arms wrap around her bare waist, pulling her back to the head of the bed. "Pee" she giggled. Releasing his grip he sat up. The room was flooded with light and sound as he turned the TV on. "I'll be waiting," he smiled as he pulled a black pair of sweatpants on. Slipping in to his oversized t-shirt, Aislynn opened the door a crack. Peering in to the hallway she looked to see if the bathroom light was on. Nothing. Walking slowly in to the dark hallway she inched toward the bathroom door. "Hurry up" Matt chided from the bedroom. She could hear him laughing; he was always picking on her about how shy she was at times. She looked in the oversized vanity, leaning on the sink. Her wrist was discord and bruised from their earlier incident. He didn't mean it. She told herself, still unsure how to feel. "Aiiiiiis" Matt cried out in his best baby voice. Looking back to the mirror she examined her pale skin. I need more sleep, she concluded as she pushed her ratted curls into a messy bun and darted back to their bedroom.
The End

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