The Dream

When I awoke, I was definitely not in Mr Sproats' classroom; I quickly glanced around and saw...well...nothing. It was absolutely pitch black. Behind me I heard a bird cawing, it was spooky and sinister. Something shimmering caught my eye in the distance; I fumbled my way through the mass of trees around me, still impaired by the lack of light. I snagged my foot on an old, gnarled tree root and fell face first onto the damp, dank floor. I felt something drip from my head onto my hand. I was bleeding? Great!

Suddenly, an icy hand grabbed my bare shoulder.

"Natalie!" Becky was shaking my shoulder and I woke with a start. "You fell asleep. Wake up; it's time for lesson two."

"Which is?" I murmured, still half asleep.

"Info and Guide." At least it was an easy lesson, it basically taught you nothing, apart from how to fill in a form about college. Today, however, I knew we were going to be watching a short film documentary about reoccurring problems with teenagers, so I could just sit back and relax, hopefully.

The End

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