He Changed My Life

"Excuse me, Miss. Is there any reason why you're late?" Mr Liddle, our head teacher, asked me as I stumbled through the main doors of Winifred Holtby School.

"No, Sir. Sorry, Sir" I managed to stutter before speeding off gingerly down the hallway, tripping myself up on the stairs up to my maths classroom. I was still hung over from a barbeque my best friend, Liam, had last night. I'd had a great time, but didn't at all think about the consequences of drinking so much, especially on a Thursday night.

Ah well, I can't change that now, right now I had maths not to do. I walked (fell) into the classroom and everyone stared at me, at least that's what it felt like. Freak Show. I strode to my seat at the back, with my head held high, as best as I could and sat down inbetween Tom and Becky.

"Well, you've looked better!" exclaimed Tom as soon as I was in ear shot.

"Don't even start," I said and rested my head, gently, on the table. "I'm just glad this lesson isn't hard for me, because then I might actually have to concentrate."

"Oh, sorry, it must be hard for you, Mighty Maths Princess, to be stuck in the top group, bored of everything, just helping those less abled than yourself," Tom said, sarcastically.

"Just shut up and leave me alone!" I closed my eyes and felt myself drifting off...

The End

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