She Knew.

As soon as she opened the door, i could see the questions behind betrayal in her eyes.
'Hi.' it wasn't a good start but i didn't know what to say.
She knew.. and i couldn't lie to her again.
I looked up into my new neibours eyes to search for information in them,
there was nothing.
' Can we talk?..'
She was hurt, i could tell by her blunt response of a nod.
' See ya round carl, thanks for the drink.' She smiled sweetly and winked at him.
' Yeaa, i hope i will' He returned the wink with a smile that would make anyones heart melt.
As we retreated from carl's door, jared opened his palm to karis.
' i'm jared,'
' karis'
Then as quick as lightening, karis dropped to the floor in a sleepy haze.
I knew what he was doing, he was showing her a story.. my story, so i didn't have to.

The End

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