Superhuman speed and superhuman strength are two of the many different abilities immortals (those would will never die) have.

My grey eyes widen as I start to read down the website. My god.

I pull out my phone and call my best friend, crossing my fingers that she'll pick up. It goes straight to answer phone. I curse and throw my phone onto my bed.

My head is spinning, is all this true? Is my best friend really a...a...immortal???

I quickly get changed in my black shorts and my long white top, it's getting warm out, and snatch up my phone. I quickly run out of the house.

I'm going to her house and if she's not there than I'll wait to confront her when she does arrive home, after all, she has to. Right?

I shake the thoughts away as I sprint to her house, I dogde cars and people, not really in proper focus. I'm in autopiolet but when I get to her house I won't be and she'll have some explaining to do. First she'll have to tell me if all this is true, than I want to know why she lied to me.

I reach her house, panting like mental, and knock on the door loudly. No reply.

I sigh and sit on the stone steps, closing my grey eyes and leaning my head against the door.

I can feel hot tears running down my face. We used to tell eachother everything, what happend to those times? Does her being a imm..immortal change that? Does she not want to share with anyone anymore? Or is it just me?

I shake a little.

What if her being an immortal means she can't see me anymore? What if she doesn't want to anymore?


For what feels like a lifetime of sitting by my immortal best friends door, I stand up and streach my limps. My bones click out of their sockets but they soon go back in them again.

I sigh and sit back down, closing my eyes again.

"Hi. You locked out or something?" A strong males voices asks me, making me open my eyes. I shrug.

"Or soemthing." I say back to him.

He looks a couple of years older than me. I look up at his tall figure, about 6"2 if my quess is correct. He's got sandy blonde hair that goes into his electric blue eyes that anyone could swim in.

I blush a little as I realise I have been staring at him.

He smiles at me. "Mind I sit there?" He asks, nodding his head towards the stone step where I'm sitting.

I ignore the butterflies fluttering in my stomache and nod causally, like I couldn't care less. He smiles again and sits close next to me. Much closer than he needed to, there's plenty enough stone step for us to sit on without being pushed together like we are now.

He smiles down at me. Man, he has a nice smile. I smile back.

"You live around here?" He asks me, his voice gental. I shake my head. "Shame. I've just moved in a couple of doors down and it would of been nice to know someone in this place."

I smile at him. "I come around here a lot, my mate lives here." I say tapping the door lightly. The guy raises an eyebrow.

"Really? Maybe we'll be seeing eachother after all." He says, his eyes locking with mine.

I smile at him. "Yeah, maybe. I'm Karis." I say, pushing some of my hair away from my face only to have it fall back down again. The guys leans towards me and tucks my hair behind my ear, leaving his hand there.

"I'm Carl." He says, I struggle to catch my breathe. I smile and look down at my hands. "You want to get a drink?" Carl asks getting to his feet and holding out a hand to me. I heistate, unsure what to do.

I'm here to talk to my best friend, to find out what's really wrong, to see if what I think is true and here there's a really hot dude offering me his hand and asking if I would like to get a drink with him.

Urgh, what should I do?

"It won't take long, my house is only two doors down." He says. I look into his deep blue eyes and sigh, getting to my feet. I ignore his hand.

"Okay than." I say and we both walk into his house.

I hope I'm not here too long I need to talk with my mate, this might be the time when she really needs me. No, this is the time when she really needs me. I can see it when she talks to me, I can see it in her eyes.

Carl passes me a glass of water. I smile a thanks and take a sip of the cool liquid.

"So Carl, hasn't your mother ever told you not to bring girls back into the house?" I ask, putting my glass onto the side and flicking back my hair. Carl smiles and comes over to me.

"My mothers not here." He says, amusement in his eyes.

"And what do you think she would think about me being in your house?" I ask, twirling a lock of my hair around my fingers. Carls smile gets bigger.

"Baby this is my house, my mother isn't anywhere near." He says walking closer to me.

I tilt my head to the side and push out my lips a bit. "Hmm. I don't think I should be alone in a house with no one else. It could be dangerous." I say playfully as Carl gets closer.

"Baby, the only dangerous one here is you."

"True." I say and we both start laughing. We walk into the lounge with our drinks and sit next to each other on the sofa.

"Tell me about you than Karis." He says, his hand making little circles on my arm. I look at him from under my long eyelashes. "What is it you want to know?" My phone rings making both of us jump.

I get my phone out of my pocket and answer it. "Karis, we need to talk." I sigh with relief. "I know, I'm a couple of doors down from yours, number 6. Seeya in a bit." I say ending the call.

I look apoligetically at Carl. "That was my mate. Guess when she comes I'll be seeing ya." I say with a smile Carl smiles back.

There's a knock at the door and we both answer it. There, in the door frame is my best mate and... and a guy? I look at him, puzzled. Who is he? I would remember him from anywhere but I don't. How does she know him?

The End

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