I run home as fast as I possa-bly can. God, I wish I was fast! I'm not cut out with this whole running thing! I push my self on faster, ignoring the thick curles covering my face.

I get to my house and unlock the door. I throw the door open, only one thing on my mind. I slam the door closed behind me as I run to my room. I quickly turn on my laptop and thank the heavens that it's fast.

I start to type.

Google. : Human super speed.

I bite my nails as I scan through down the list of things google has given me.

- Super speed- heros.

- Super-speed sneeze.

- Super-speed - DC Comics Data.

Hmm, maybe. I click on it and start to read.

Kryptonians can move at extreme rates of speed, they do not physically interact with the Speed Force. Others acquire super-speed through alternative means. A drug known as Velocity 9 has been known to grant normal human beings super-speed for limited periods of time.

No, H doesn't take any drugs. I sigh. Stupid internet! Isigh.I've got to try again!

Google: Superhuman strength and superhuman speed.

I start to bite my nails on my other hand as I wait for it to load. It always takes a little while longer after a whilie. I start to durm my fingers against my desk as I search down the google list. I suddenly stop as one catches my grey eyes. I quickly click on it, I don't know why though. It just seems like it's calling out to me.

The End

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