My Diary

What the...? H has jumped out of the window of our tree house and landed perfectly, not a scratch on her, and ran off. I stand there for a while, completely frozen to the spot. Like a tree with it roots in the ground, I can't move!

I shake my head, coming out of my shock. I can move again but only slowly, who can blame me? I've just seen my best friend jump out of a really high window, land without a bruise on her and run off faster then I can ever think!

What's going on with H? It can't be drugs, they don't work that way. She isn't any special medication, not as far as I know anyway. I do know somehing though. Heidi Jefferson isn't human. Not anymore, not really. This is weird, she was perfectly fine a year ago. She was her normal, happy, energetic, self until something happend. Something that has changed her life forever. Something she won't tell me, her best friend, anything about.

I move away from the window and go over to the chair H was sitting in last. I sit down and, atomatically, I get out my diary that I keep under a loose floor board. Yes I always trip over it, and so did H until whatever happend to her happend, but it's the safest place I can think of. The only place I trust it to be without people reading it.

I flick though it, remembering all the laughs and tears that has escaped me while I wrote my enterys. I pull my mad, brown, curles out of my ponytail. I stop at a clear, new, page.

Whoever reads this.

Something is up with H, I think she might have super powers or something. I think something very bad has happend, effecting thecells in her body. Making them change so they have given her these cool abilities.

Many things are happening. H, is acting the same she has all year but I think she's getting closer to talking to me about it. I am still not in contact with my parents. H used to help mewith things like that but she doesn't now.

Anyway, I'm too busy tiring to work out what is up with H. Just now, I came into the tree house to see if she was okay, she ran past me and jumped out the window, dropping onto the wooded floor. Then she stands perfectly alright and runs off faster then I've ever seen anyone! I know it sounds like I'm blowing it all up a bit but I swear down I am not!

I know, from experiance, that it hurts to fall when you're a fourth of the way up to the tree house. But H has just run off like it's perfectly normal! I've been thinking about her behavour. It all started a year ago. I know I have already written all this but I need to write it down again, I need to clear my head (or at least try and make sence out of the stuff in there).

One year ago today, Heidi Jefferson changed completely. The week before all this,she was happy, excited for us all going to this awesome consert! We were planning to go see You Me At Six in three weeks time. Anyway, last I saw of her we were both buzzing with excitement. I thought everything was fine. How wrong was I hey?

H went missing for two and a half weeks. That's right, missing! I helped organise the search party for her but nothing. I spent most of my time looking for her, thinking the worst would happen to her. They party gave up after two weeks but I didn't. I spent night and day looking for her, I even left a long note to her, food and water in the tree house incase she went there.

Nothing happend, it was like she vanished. I went to the police many times and I was charged for wasting police time when I thought one of our teachers had her locked up in his house, but that was just his dresses.

After two and a half weeks I found her in the tree house, all dirty and rocking. I ran over to her and tired to get her talking. But she didn't say anything. I thought I should just give her time and she will, but that didn't happen.

Then I thought she had gotten rapped. Okay, I admit I watch too much CSI and NCIS and  law and orders but she was acting like one of those victims. I was made about trying to work out how had raooed her and got into a few fights because of it. But that's nothing. I'll take all that and much worse to have my friend back!

I know know that she couldn't of been rapped, if she was she would at least tell me. We made a promise one time whilie watching Law and Order. And I don't think rape victims can jump from mega heights and run super fast.

Now I don't know what to think. But I do know that she's not the person who she once was. She sees everything in a more darker light, that or something so bad has happend that has scared her for life. When I get home, I'm going to google her behavouir and I won't stop searching until I find out what her secret is! I'm suppost to be in school but that doesn't matter, I have more important things to do.

Things like finding out what is eating my best friend alive inside of her! No matter what it is, we'll get through it! That's what best friends do, they get over bad things together!

I put down my pen andstare at the page hard. I shake my head and put my diary back under the floor boards. I sigh as I look around the tree house, so many funny memories me and H have here. So many times we cried our hearts out for one reason or another.

I hold my head up in determination. "I will find out what's happend to you H, and I will help in anyway I can." I say out loud and turn. I close the tree house door and start to climp down the tree. 


The End

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