Tell Me Now H!

My mouth ishanging open. Where did H just go? One minuet she was here and the next she is punching Sharlein in the face (sending her flying - a very hard thing to do) and now she's gone!

I quickly get to my feet, I know where she would go. I start running towards the little wooded area on campus. I'm running as fast as my legs will take me. After a while, I have got the biggest stitch ever! But I've got to keep going!

My heart is in my mouth. God, I need to start running again! I'm in the wooded area, the trees are so dense, it's hard to realise that it doesn't go on forever. I wish it would, I love these woods. Heck, I love any woods. I shake my head, remembering why I'm here.

I head towards our tree, it's one of the biggest and it has, what looks like, angel wings carved into it. I smile, panting a little. I climp up the tree next to the angel tree. I climp as high as it will let me. I jump from my small tree to our one.

I use my upper body strength to pull myself up onto the branch I'm holding. I steady myself on it. Wow, lightheaded. I start climping higher, higher then anyone would be bothered to go. I smile as I see the tree house that me and H found and improved.

I pull myself up and sat there for a while panting. I get to my feet carefully and open the wooden door. "H? You in here?" I pant and walk into our treehouse.I close the door behind me. I turn and see H sitting on one of the chairs. I go over to her.

"Hey H. That punch was awesome! Sharlein didn'tknow what hit her!" I start to laugh but stop when H didn't join in. "H. You are going to tell me what's up right here because you're not leaving until you do!" I say sturnly. Whatever it is, it's not good and I will not see my best mate hurt like this!

The End

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