Leave Her Alone!

We are walking to uni, it's not that far from the high street. I look at H from the corner of my eye. She's been on edge since we decided to get back to uni. I link my arms with her.

"So, please tell me what's up. I don't like to see you like this babe." I say smiling a little but my eyes deadly serious. She looks at me and shrugs. I groan, this is going to be hard. Today, I really thought she was going to open up to me but I quess she is worried about my reaction.

"Look H, I'm going to stay with you. No matter what's bothering you. I wouldn't even care if you had three heads. Well, that would be strange but cool." I know I'm digging a hole here but at least H smiles properly. I can swear I can see a little, faint, light in her eyes. I smile.

We walk into the gates. "Hey! Freak!" We look in front of us and see the owner of the voice, Sharlein McDonald. I gritt my teeth. I will ignore her, no matter what she says. Shar doesn't like me, she used to but then she realised that I'm not ditching H and she soon turned. I scowl at her and realise that she's not looking at mebut at H.

My hand balls into a fist. "What's wrong freak? Forgot how to speak from your scanky mouth?" She laughs, making her mates behind start too. "Funny that." Isay, keeping my voice steady even though inside my blood is boiling. "Oh, so the freak girls mate does told. So, you think she's a scank too?" She snarls at me.

"Her name isn't freak. And she isn't the scank, you are!" I yell at her. No one talks about H like that and I mean no one! Not even Sharlein McDonald, who is much stronger and bigger then me. "What did you say?" She yells at me, squaring up at me.

I unlink mine and Hs arm. H holds onto it lightly. "Don't Ris." Shemutters but I'm too annoyed to listen.I get up in Shars  face. "I'll say it slowly for you as your are oblivously too thick to understand..." Her fist slams me in the face, I fall back, blood coming out my nose.

The End

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