Immortal dead

'' Ris, I need to tell you something, '' She began looking at me openly, hopefully yhis means she won't run away screaming. '' What is it? '' Just as I was about to tell her everything I heard a humming, He was here. I began looking round but all I saw was the workers at starbucks and the few other regular faces we saw. Suddenly my eyes stopped on a guy at the last table. He had his back to me but i knew it was him. I'd been having the dreams for over a year now and his broad sholders, the darkness of his hair, i would notice him anywhere. He knew i was there because as this thought occured to me he turned his head slightly to the side and one corner of his lips turned up into a smile that spelled trouble.

'' H, whatever you need to say i'm listening..'' I turned back towards Ris and she was looking at me expectantly.

'' Ermm... it's nothing, i just wanted to tell you that I can't come out tonight. I have some things to do. ''

'' fine, well we better get to uni, i really don't fancy being late again.'' I smiled at her halfheartedly, i didn't want to leave i wanted to see his face, as we got up I got a glimpse of movement and as i turned back he was gone.

The End

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