Tell Me

I knock on H's door. She opens in after a while. I smile at her, as usual, she looks wow pretty but she never admits she does. She smiles back at me and locks the front door. I give her a hug and we walk to the high street.

"What's up H?" I ask her as we buy our coffees. H strugs, doing what she always does,trying to get off the subject. I sit down and she sits opposite me. I sip my latte,my grey eyes boring into her, waiting for her to spill.

"Well?" I ask her, we are both as subbon as eachother but I know sometime has been up with her for a while now and she's going to tell me what today. Her green eyes look around the cafe. Shesighs and stares into her coffee. She's just staring at it, like she's on auto piolet or something. I lean forward and look into her eyes.

I lower my voice. "H, you know me. No matter what it is, I'll stick with you. That's what best friends do. Plus, everyone knows I'm mental." I say smiling. She smiles a little. God, I wish she'll tell me what's wrong.

I think I can help, if not I'll be there for her. I want my friend back! I want H to be, well, H. We used to have a right laugh, if we were raving somewhere or having a coffee. I miss her laugh, I miss her talking. I'm not going to leave her, not like some of the others have done.

The End

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