The Dreams

I feel really guilty, Karis is my bestfriend and i'm having to lie to her, i should tell her about my secret, i should tell her about the dreams. Last night's was weird...

The wind swirled around me and every chill grabbed at my bare arms. As i walked further into the darkness there was that noise again. It's a light humming, the same sound in every dream, at least i know he's close, maybe i'll get to see his face this time. I shouldn't put this thought in my head everytime i get too close I wake up, it's not something i can control. Ahead he stood, his back to me like always. his broad sholders were quivering sending vibrations all the way down his arms and into the air. I took another step and BAM!! awake.

We're going for coffee today, another chance to tell her and another chance i'll blow. I added a slick of plum gloss, tried to add some volume to my flat mahogany hair and went to spend another day living like a robot. 

The End

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