"Hello H? Anyone there?" I say on my phone to H. H has been distant lately and it'smaking me worry."Oh, yeah yeah.Great." She says down the phone, I shake my head. "H, everything okay?" I ask her gently whilst sitting on my bed, fidderling with myrug.

"I'm fine Ris. It's just mornings." I sigh knowing what she means, she's not a morning person never has been never will be. "Ris, can you call back?" H says, I shake my head, she says this every morning. "Fine. See ya H." I sigh. "Bye." H mumbles and the line goes dead.

I shake my head and get ready to go out. I pick up my dark skinny jeans and my white top. I grab my makeup bag and go into the bathroom. Me and H are going out today, nothing special, just going fora coffee. Hmm, I do love coffee.

I turn and lock the bathroom door and get ready totackle my crazy brown curles. I sigh, giving up. I'll put it in a ponytail seen as I don't have any straighteners anymore, my last ones broke.

The End

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