File CCA 31226786 "Prophecy 1 of 63"Mature

Hard Disk 101 A               Original Language:  Suvarioa

File CCA 31226786          Original Species:  Zephyrn (Creation to Extinction: 15983-9826 BCE)

Extension 33756

File name “EXCIVATION PROPHECY 1 of 63”


Translation Date: 6-24-1198 CE


Original Text as follows:               

                The Union will become divided,

And the fires of war will consume the stars,

                The Creator and the Created will meet again

And the resistance shall begin .

                The Divided will unite once more under a false banner,

Ravaged and restless from internal warfare,

                Their conflict will never end.

And when the last of stars have burned out…



                The plague shall return once more.



     We are unable to decipher exactly what this encoded text means.  The first line of the text states that a Union of some sort will be separated. By what means we do not know, but recent research on the development of the human society shows that the world on which they live is currently in the process of developing some strange form of united government…their current calendar sets their current year as 1198. According to our more recent predictions, they will not actually begin developing technologically until the mid to late 1800’s, so I believe that there is plenty of time for this “Union” to form.  Currently, they are warring against one another in what they call the “Crusades” Apparently some kind of religious war, this is further evidence to their corruption.

                I would assume that the next line of the encoded text, “And the fires of war will consume the stars”, means that eventually they will find they strength to leave their own world.  Whether this may be a forced exit of some sort, or perhaps just sheer curiosity of the universe, they will leave their own world and expand into the star system of “Sol”, while another half retreats to the Torlan system, which is where our presence is strongest.  Perhaps this is how we will commune with them once more?

                When it says “The resistance shall begin”, this has been proven that they will not take lightly to our presence in their (or at least they’ll believe it’s theirs) territory.  I would assume that a first contact war of some sort will begin, but we out number them by trillions…there is no way for them to even stand a chance against the might of the Tridian.

                The next line leads me to believe that the separated humans will unite once more under the same banner, which will always cry out for our destruction.  I still have no idea what this whole “separation” means, whether it will be a civil conflict or if some humans decide to leave others…either way they are going to side with one another to stand against the might of the Tridian.  This of course is quite humorous now that I think about it, seeing that we are the reason that they are even here.  It sounds as if they will be playing the part of the “young and immature” species in the galaxy.  Well…whether they like it or not, sooner rather than later they will discover that they are not as alone as they thought.

                I am still dumbfounded by the line before the last…”When the last of the stars have burned out”…What could it mean?  Perhaps humanity will turn against itself and begin collapsing stars for solar energy? Or maybe a solar rain will begin in the Torlan system and gradually expand beyond? Perhaps it is metaphoric and holds some underlined message, not literally meaning when a “star” has burned out. Perhaps the term “star” represents a life of any species…and “burned out” could mean an entire species extinguished? This troubles me greatly.  Nevertheless, I am unable to properly decipher this line of the encoded text.

                My greatest fear, and my worst nightmare…the last line of the encoded text.  It states that “The plague shall return once more.” In my life I have seen and experienced horrible things, but our entire civilization was nearly wiped out because of the plague…no doubt that the humans will develop their own name for it.  I fear not for us mainly, but for the humans.  They are young, and they deserve a chance to experience the universe as we have.  The Tridian have been in existence for almost 44,000 years…I say this with great remorse and sadness, but I believe that these prophecies predict the rise of the humans and our imminent doom.

                I have attached the original untranslated text in the file for you, High Councilor.  Along with other excavated files and artifacts, my Hard Drive is almost full.  150 Terabytes is a lot, but with the files that we’re uploading to our database, 150 seems like nothing.

     I hope that you see my findings as satisfactory, High Councilor.  I will report back once I learn more on the expansion of the humans, and I will look back into their society for more research.


     Overlord Jinaka

The End

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