The Mark Of The ViperMature

High Council Letters

RE: Jinaka to Hijik

4-18-2142 BC

Sender: Jinaka Tarufane

Reciever: Hijik  Tarufane brother, this is not what either of us wish for. If things would work out as I have planned, then both ourselves and the humans would live in harmony with one another. But this plague is the one thorn in the eye of my plan.

     If we can erradicate this plague before it is unleashed, then we might still be able to achieve that goal of harmony and peace.

The Council would destroy this plan, and wishes to force it's so called "Divine Authority" upon us all. They claim that the Maker has blessed them with powers above our own, but it my 1284 years of life I have not once seen them demonstrated. They think that they have divine power...but they know nothing.

     True divine power rests with you, myself, and one other...The trinity.

     The key is in the Mark of the Viper.

     You know what I am referring to...the mark that the both of us have on our left arm. There will be another with the same peculiar marking...the prophicies profess this as true.

     According to old Tridian prophecies, only the Trinity...the trinity of the can end it. Maybe even before it starts, but nevertheless...

     It is the only thing that can end this.


High Council Letters

RE: Jinaka to Hijik

4-18-2142 BC

Sender: Hijik Tarufane

Reciever: Jinaka  Tarufane

     My brother...I am aware of this marking. I have studied it for the past year, trying to find its importance. It cannot be a conicidence, us having the same marking...The prophcey must be true. There must be another.

     The hard part is finding this one individual among trillions.

     I have no doubt that we will know him when we see him...I just hope that the both of us are still alive when he finally shows himself.

     I must say, I do truly fear the worst, my brother. Dark times are slowly descending upon seems as if we are the only two who can see it. I cannot confirm everything you say as true, but I can say that I will side with you no matter what, my brother. If you believe that there is a way to save the sapiens from their imminent doom, then I will follow you blindly into the pits of hell if I must.

     We must find the missing piece to the puzzle...the man with the mark. Together, we may just have a shot at ending this before it even starts.



The End

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