Lies and PropheciesMature

Overlord Hijik


“Fear and Transgression”


Transmission Date:  3-20-2142 BC




            Hijik, my friend…I fear you do not quite understand my motives. I have observed these creatures, and I have seen what they have become! They are vile, brutal killers, always battling amongst one another and causing unnecessary bloodshed! I love them dearly, but their fate is rather limited…They will destroy themselves, or the plague will destroy them all, and possibly even us.


Action is required now, Jinaka. We cannot waste another minute. Every second we waste is one second they grow closer and closer to their inevitable extinction. Does this not faze you, my brother? Does this not lay guilt on your heart?


Or maybe…


Just maybe…




I…I believe so.


I believe that you wish for their destruction. Is this not true? I wish not to offend you, but to merely bring up the possibility of the High Council’s fallacies. Pleas forgive me if I have offended you in any way, my brother…The goal I yearned for was not to bring your anger and doubt upon myself, but to inquire that the Council must be hiding something.


My friend…I fear for you. I fear for every member on the Council. I do not agree with them, but I love them as I love you, my brother. I fear that Lord Retka may be hiding something from us all.



            Please respond to me soon, my brother…there is much we still need to discuss.                    I need to know that you are still there…


I need to know that you are still listening.




Date: 2142 BC 3-21




Overlord Jinaka to Overlord Hijik


Transmission Date: 3-23-2142 BC






I am absolutely disgusted that you would say something of that extreme! I would never wish the destruction of our precious creatures! That is, my friend, the epitome of sin itself. You know me, and you know my thought patterns. You of all beings should know that I am not that type of man.


As for Retka, he has always been a Triad of secrecy. Even as the head member of the council, he has always been a very, if I may say so, shady individual. I too have, at times, shown fear for myself.


I guess that you have made your point clearly visible. Prophecy tells that the Sapiens will have a great war amongst themselves. When the conflict between them hits it’s fiercest point at the city spoken of in the prophecies, that is when I will interject, my brother…that is, if the plague hasn’t already caused their civilization to crumble.


While on the subject, I must ask you a serious question, my brother…Have you heard of this “Invasion” that the Supreme Council are speaking of? I have heard this idea tossed around in the High Council’s most recent sessions…I have been rhetorically asking myself “Could this be a hasty, unorganized way of trying to eradicate this plague?


            It is all matching up with the prophecies…the plague returns, and then a great power comes to destroy it. The real question is, however, one that no one truly wishes to ask…


            Is it us or them?

I pray to The Maker that we make it out of this prediciment alive.

The End

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