HCL: Jinaka to Hijik "The Road Ahead of Us"Mature


Exactly 4000 years before the Interstellar Civil War, Humanity was a mere idea on the back burner of Tridian society.

this explains how it began...The prophicies of the war, of the AC, and of the exile of the Resistance...

However, every tridian being shivers at the thought of the final prophecy...

The return of the Plague.

Overlord Hijik

The Road Ahead of Us

Transmission Date: 3-14-2142 BC, 1500 Hours




My dearest Hijik…I do not have much time, but I have no choice. The High 12 have excommunicated me from the Council for the things that I have spoken of. The Sapiens, these “Humans” are not to be released, no matter what the Council orders! They are infected…they contain strains of the Virus in their DNA. I have done the research, and I have seen the worst. The virus that ravaged our civilization will inevitably destroy theirs…You must understand this.


Their annihilation is inevitable.


The truth is undeniable.


The High Council wishes to release the subjects not into this world, but a newer world…this strange place that the High Council are calling “Earth”. They wish to release the subjects onto this planet for research. Jinaka…you must trust my judgment. What I tell you is not for any other sentient being to hear. There is a way to stop the High Council, but it could cost you your freedom…your future…even possibly your life. But I tell you, my friend…


You may prevent our precious creations from inevitably destroying themselves. If we do not fight for their right to remain free from this impending doom, then who will, my friend? Who will? 

Transmission Date: 3-14-2142 BC, 1500 Hours




Overlord Jinaka to Overlord Hijik

“The Road Ahead Of Us”

Transmission Date: 3-19-2142 BC




Jinaka, my friend…I have heard the plans of our High Council. I must say that I endorse their decisions to the fullest. I am fully loyal to the High Tridian Council, and I cannot in any way defy them…however, I have heard of the return of this “disease”. I too, like you, my brother, have seen the worst of this seemingly incurable virus. Is it true, my friend, that the Sapiens carry the very egg cell of the ravishing plague?

Actually, do not confirm or deny this...I must retract my question, for I fear that the answer I will recieve is far worse than that which I wish to believe it to be.

Hijik, my friend...you must have faith...trust them.

Trust me.

 The virus ravaged us once. I highly doubt that the Council would endanger our radiant species with that threat once more. I assure you, my friend, you simply misunderstand the Council. They would never plan to release such a flawed product and then deny it salvation when it is needed...like the mother of a newborn cub, we will save them from being swallowed up by the predator. I assure you that we will be there to deliver them from themselves when the time is right…you must understand, my friend. Our civilization has grown, and our ways have changed since the very beginning. You must remember that we, the mighty Tridian, were once not so mighty. You must remember that we all were, at one point in time, fresh from the mother’s womb, still flawed and inexperienced. If the virus really has carried from our genetic structure to theirs, then it will be their dilemma…We must set them free.

The seal has is still set on this plague...it has been in remission for thousands of years. You know this, my friend. They still have time...roughly 2000 years. If they have n't eradicated this terrible plague by the end of this ever so short time period...I swear to you that we will take action. As a member of the High Council, I can promise you this.

Trust them...trust the Sapiens. They are young, but they are vigilant. Intelligent and resourceful, just like their makers...

Trust them, my friend. Trust the High Council, and trust me.

It is their destiny to destroy the virus.


If they cannot achieve this goal, then we are all doomed.


In the end, perhaps, it seems as if we, the “mighty” Tridian, may not be as mighty as we are believed to be.

Transmission Date: 3-19-2142 BC, 1734 Hours




The End

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