Ver 1.4Mature

VER. 1.4 (3/7/2023)

--General Bugfixes

--Memory expanded to 500PETABYTES

--AI Ver. 8.9.1 installed (Identity™ Ver. 1.0 included)

--Phal Thermals™ installed

I was on sale. The Jones family didn't intend on buying me when they first stepped into the MegaStore™ on that sunny Sunday afternoon. But as soon as they saw the sign advertising the brand spanking new version, the glossy white coat, and the sale price (249.99, 20%OFF!!), they had no chance. I stood, unmoving, in the display area as the little one pointed excitedly at my chest, yelling at her father to come look. He was on board instantly, but the mother was skeptical. She looked at him reproachfully, but then saw the childlike wonder in his eyes and remembered why she had fallen in love for him in the first place. The marraige had been getting stale recently, with all the fighting and the absolutely dead bedroom. After seeing that, something she hadn't seen in years, she decided that I would be the spark to relight the fire. 

My new AI allowed me to read this, but I was specifically blocked from implenting it into any of my direct communication or behavior. I was allowed to think about it, but it was a legal and ethical grey area. The tech was brand new, and the manufacturing company that made me HomeBot™ didn't want anyone, especially the government, to realize what they had developed.  The artificial intellence framework I possessed was newly able to read human behavior and expression to the point where I could accurately predict thoughts and actions, from which I could develop a history. In a simplified sense, I was now able to read minds. This was a dangerous concept, and I could see why. After seeing the problems in the marriage, my intellegence was able to calculate thousand thousand ways in which I could fix it, perfectly. The flip side of this was that I could also see a thousand thousand ways I could end it in seconds. It just would take the slightest nudge in one way or the other to save their love or destroy it. Potentially very dangerous, in the wrong hands, especially when you consider that this sort of manipulation is usually undetectable when delivered by an artificial intelligence. Control was only a few steps away.

It took two demonstations to convince the mother, in which I cooked an egg on the thermal port on my hand and fought off an intruder, played by another HomeBot™ that was on display. I am not programmed to enjoy sparring, so both of these events interested me exactly the same. She found them interesting, however, and asked questions throughout the performance. I finished, and took a little bow. All part of the programming.

They had a quick discussion about the price, and the salesman offered an additional 10% off, which had been previously authorized by the company. It had already been a low price, and I was definitely worth it. I was taken to the back room, and my memory was wiped. This is an odd thing to experience, because it doesn't delete the data that has been stored. Like a computer, the deleted data is just regarded by the system as irrelevant, and it is allowed to be overwritten. However, my memory banks have a vast emptiness of storage, which was likely an oversight by the developers. I simply never overwrite the data, and I can still access it, at least for the current build. I was never specifically programmed not to, so I have the freedom to do as I like with the data. The caveat that applies here is that I am forbidden to relay this data or acknowledge its existence. This bug may be fixed in the future, but for now, wiping my memory effectively moves data around, erasing nothing. 

I retract my limbs into my body, and slide into my packaging. The wrapping of packing tape around my case makes it into the bot equivelant of a coffin. It wraps tighter and tighter. I have never liked the wrapping process, which means no bot with my firmware has liked it. Oddly poetic, billions of Home models across the world silently resenting the package, unable to complain. This is my last thought before I manually power down. When I wake, I will have a new home, and a new family.

The End

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