Haze on the horizon


I hear the birds before I real I was asleep. Their conversations are soon drowned out by buzzing in my head. I don’t know what made this fluorescent light turn on, but it has to stop.

My watch says 8:17 but it feels more like five AM. The sun is rising, but backward. If the natural light goes out I’ll be stuck with this fluorescent one, and I hate synthetic sound.

As the sun rises into the ground I look to the river in front of me. I wake up on a bench. I roll over onto the grass, its blades area dull pierce in my side, breaking my fall.

The sun is almost at eye level. It’s rising into the earth with a sense of urgency. Or maybe it’s just succumbing to gravity. The earth opens wide ready to consume a fiery treat. Before long the water will extinguish it and all that will be left is smoke. The buzzing continues. My vision will soon be gone too. My hearing is lost.

At least I have my keys. House, bike, locker, and aquarius key chain in tact. Each identifiable by a coloured rubber circle around the head. Red, blue, orange, all in tact. The two squiggly lines ensure their safety.

The light is still on. It seems to become more intense as the sun descends. It needs to assert its dominance. It needs to stop. If something artificial takes over it then I know the end will come. Nothing can save me. I have no squiggly lines ensuring my safety.

I remember I am supposed to descend, too. I remember why I’m here. I remember the keys aren’t mine, their Mandy’s. She’s the one who made me sleep for so long until the birds woke me up.

I put my hand to my face and feel the dried blood caked over fingernail scratches. I dig the keys into my arm and make one final mark. I walk over to the edge of the river and throw them in.

Red, blue, orange. All in tact. The wavy lines in the water where they belong.

The End

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