Confusion hovers on me like a dark cloud, hanging on to my shoulders, settling in my mind... Masking all my sanity.
I'm running through a heavy fog,
Not knowing where to go, I slow my pace and look around me. As far as I can see, is the dense mist. Darkness encloses me.
I pick up my pace and jog further on, my feet pounding on the gravel road.
I breath heavily as I push myself onward. I see a light, reflecting in the distance. I squint, hoping for a clear sight. The fog hangs low, still shadowing the luminescence. I continue on.
As I draw closer to the light, I feel the warmth on my fingertips. I reach towards the light. I recognize the familiar glow, cascading down my arm as I step closer. The warmth setlles on my face and I smile.
I've found him.

The End

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