Lucy: my first day

I followed very slowly behind nurse Collins. She was a larger lady with bright red lipstick that had rubbed off onto her teeth. To be honest I don’t think I belong here. Yes I have a short temper. Yes I have a fascination with fire. Yes I set a post office on fire. No I am not mental! I gave that post office fare warning I was going to burn them to the ground if they didn’t mail my letter that day, I didn’t want to hear their garbage excuse ‘the truck already left’. That letter was very important to me. I had written to my mom and dad to try and explain why I had set the neighbour dog house on fire and ran away. I needed it sent that day, that minute, or I wasn’t sure I would ever send it. So yes I lost my temper when they said since it was almost closing on a Friday with a long weekend coming that they wouldn’t be able to send it out till Tuesday. Yes I walked next door to the gas station and filled up a jug of gasoline without paying for it. Yes I walked back into the post office and poured a clear trail from the service desk to the front door. Yes I then struck a match and threw it into the gasoline. Yes I sat within 10 feet away watching in wonder as it went up in flames. At least I did the right thing and waiting for everyone to get the heck out of there. Yes I did resist arrest but only because I hadn’t finished watching the fire. It is so beautiful the way it dances around, illuminating everything. Making the world crystal clear. Some can argue it was a huge F you to the government and some political stand, I won’t deny them this idea. In a sense it was the government being dumb that lead me to my actions. But that defiantly wasn’t my thoughts as I did this. In fact I can’t remember my thoughts except thinking how bright it was going to be. Either way I didn’t belong in a nut house. 

Nurse Collins clunky white heels clicked loudly on the tiled floor echoing off the long abandoned hallway walls. I was starting to feel like I was the newest and only resident. I was guided into a small stuffy room that was empty but it was clear others lived here. 

“Your bed is the one at the fall end of the room furthest from the window.” nurse Collins said pointing to a perfectly made bed that looked rather dusty from where I stood. Nurse Collins hand suddenly appeared on my back and started guiding me to the far end of the room towards my bed. Reluctantly I put my bag down on it and sure enough a little dust cloud came up. 

“Where is everyone else?” I questioned the nurse. I wasn’t in a hurry to meet anyone but I defiantly did not want to be alone in this room with the nurse anymore. 

“They are in circle.” Nurse Collins taking my hand, “Come on, you are to join them now."

Oh freaking great. Thats what I wanted. To join a bunch of freaks and talk about feelings. How the hell do I get out of here quick?! We walked down the hall till we got to 4 way split in the hallway. The sign above the hallway right in front of us said it was the boys corridor. The one to the right said “Reception, living room, therapy.” The one on the left said “Bathrooms, solitary, gymnasium”. Obviously we took the hallway on the right. We walked past quiet a few doors before stopping in front of the only door that appeared to have a window. Nurse Collins knocked twice on the door then opened it up.

“Good Evening everyone.” She said much to loudly for my liking, “This is our new guest, Lucy.” 

A few people waved and a couple said muffled hellos. I looked around the room and saw at least 30 people sitting around in a circle, most were in chairs but a few sat on cushions on the floor and 3 of them sat awkwardly on puffy chair. There were a couple more girls then boys but for the most part their were equal numbers of each. They also came in a huge range of ages. The youngest looked to be 10 and the eldest seemed to be in their late 20’s early 30’s. Just then my eyes settled on a older teenage girl. She had bright orange hair and I ran right at her. 

The End

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