I didn't know if he knew, it was obvious he was ignoring me or atleast trying to. I sat down and folded my wings against my back, but then i shifted and let them sprawl out, the feathers catching the sunlight and making me feel warm. I looked up and squinted as I saw William abruptly go back to work.

"Were you watching me?" I ask him teasingly and I see him blush slightly.

"No," he says but i can tell he's lying."No? Then why'd I see you looking at me?" I ask, he shrugs and then I sigh and get up. I walk to the edge of the tall castle garden terrace and put a foot on the side.

"I'll jump and not fly if you don't stop lying to me," I say and he doesnt speak, I then make a big motion that I knw he could sense and tumbled off, being careful to angel my wings in a way that would allow me to plummet but catch the wind almost at the wind.

I laughed to myself when I heard him whisper something about stupid girls and then he was flying after me.

When he is at my side I extend my wings and halt so abruptly he goes flying past me, and halts ungracefully. He then comes back to my side and scowls at me.

"You worried me!" he says and I grin widely. "Me, worried, you? But that would mean you were watching me to know I'd actually jumped," I say and he turns away and flies up towards the terrace. I grumble to myself and fly after him, he looks over and then something changes in his gaze.

He grabs my face and kisses me fiercely, and then he lets go just as abrptly and flies away, I stay stunned my wings flapping slightly. Then I feel myself touch my lips and break out into a huge smile. William Salom kissed me....

The End

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